Simple Beginnings

We are a dynamic glass studio that started out with a simple design and simple goal...

create beautiful glass pieces that bring color, joy and a little bit of "sparkle" into our world.  Our once solitary Bucking Bronco center medallion has turned into a growing line of innovate and stunning glass show pieces!

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life!

Our extraordinary glass pieces... fit every taste and every décor.

We now offer three VERY DIFFERENT glass product lines!

We Now Offer Classes!

Explore the exciting world of fused glass by taking one of our classes.  We offer in-studio glasses, as well as professional development classes through Laramie County Community College.

Look under our Classes tab for more information!

Call us!

(307) 399-4166

Lamp Working​

(Torch Work)

 Our newest product line embraces the human love affair with fire. We hand form all of our pieces with a torch firing at 1600 degrees. Our pendants and ornaments require a gentle hand, understanding of flow and design, as well as a little courage!
We believe all art begins with a vision and our contemporary art items are a reflection of creativity and originiality. Using innovative and cutting edge techniques each piece is unique, unusual and one-of-a-kind. 

Contemporary Art Glass

Some designs endure the test of time, and our original Bucking Bronco glass pieces are a testament to that. Our original pieces continue to be popular and our best sellers, by far!

Bucking Bronco Glass Originals

Bucking Bronco Glass